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1 SOFSS Marketing Hurlburt Field

1 SOFSS Marketing Hurlburt Field


About Us

Hurlburt Field Force Support Marketing is devoted to providing events, programs and services to our military members and their families year-round. In a community full of individuals who make a great sacrifice for their nation, we strive to create an environment that improves the quality of life for all.

We offer opportunities to advertise on base to target your audience and build your brand through digital and print platforms. We also offer sponsorship program and large event opportunities for over 100,000 Active Duty Members, DoD employees, retirees and their families. that can benefit your business build it's brand recognition. Advertising is a very attractive way to get year-round access to an exclusive audience. Sponsorship also available with customizable packages and prices vary per program or event.

Hurlburt Field, Special Operations Air Command has some of the most elite members of the USAF and deserve the best quality of life when stateside. With the help of our advertisers and community sponsors, we provide the best events and programs for our military members. Our sponsors also have fun while engaging with customers and promoting their business. What to know more about advertising and sponsorship on base, call 850-884-3821 for more details. What are you waiting for?


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Gallery Image Hurlburt_Field_1_SOFSS_Force_Support_Squadron(1).jpg
Gallery Image HRO_Now_Hiring_COMMERCIAL_SPONSORSHIP_COORDINATOR08152023_(1)(1).jpg
Gallery Image HRO_Now_Hiring_COMMERCIAL_SPONSORSHIP_COORDINATOR08152023_(1).jpg
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Gallery Image Community_Events_Bowling_Monitor_Ad_(2023-06-28T13_45_56.498).jpg
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Gallery Image Lydeah_FSK_TEAM_FALL_FEST_22(1).jpg
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Gallery Image Freedom_Fest_marketing_team.PNG
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Gallery Image Marketing_team_pic_Winter_Wonderland_2022(1).jpg
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