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I help leaders get a grip on their business, build healthy teams, and drive growth. Every business owner alive is frustrated by at least one of these: lack of control, lack of profit, people, feeling that they've been hitting the ceiling, that none of the books they've read, the consultants they've hired or the business tools they've tried get you what you want - that's normal, but it doesn't have to be your normal.
I work together with business owners & leaders to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in the business. EOS is a complete proven system of simple, practical tools that gets everyone on the same page with where you are going & how you'll get there (your Vision!), instills real accountability into the execution on that Vision (gaining Traction!) and helps you become more open & honest, functional, cohesive & fun loving as a team (get Healthy!).
As one of 530 professional EOS Implementers worldwide, it is an absolute blast to work with owners & leaders of great entrepreneurial businesses, adding value & getting greater!
I'm on a mission to help 250 companies (100 of them veteran owned) grow and bring $500M in new revenue to the Panhandle by 2031 and I need partners! Together with you, I'm looking forward to strengthening the already incredible Panhandle business ecosystem and helping owners clarify, simplify & achieve their Vision with hard work and laughter!

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