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Elizabeth Kurz - Performance Coach for CEOs


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Elizabeth Kurz is a certified Life and Performance Coach that helps high performing and high achieving CEOs who feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or defeated because they may be struggling with all the juggling, sacrificing their family/personal sanity for their business, or consistently missing revenue targets and they can't figure out why.

She is committed to helping them rewire their subconscious mind so they can create a hugely successful and thriving business while also keeping their sanity and getting to enjoy the fruits of their hard earned labor like spending quality time with their family and even taking that vacation that was once a dream.

A fun fact about her business is that two of her clients are CEOs that pitched on the business TV show Shark Tank.

She looks forward to meeting leaders within the town and figuring out how her unique and valuable skill set can not only advance our community but also your businesses and your lives.

If you are someone who wants to get Elizabeth’s help, you can visit

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