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Forever Warriors



About Us

Forever Warriors is Step One Automotive Groups Private Nonprofit that's committed to supporting Service Members, Veterans and their Families.

Our Goal: To be the bridge for all Service Members, Veterans & their Families by connecting them with those within our network that specialize in our pillars of Mental Health, Transition & Sustainment & Community Immersion.

Stay Tuned as Forever Warriors is determined to change the trajectory of America's Military, past and present, to include our families that supported us in our commitment to our country.

Vision: Introduce every Military Member, past and present to the resources & unique transition opportunities through our partnering relationships

Mission: Our Mission is to be the bridge for Service Members, Veterans and their Families by connecting them with those with resources that specialize in the following pillars of success:

o Mental Health - We believe that Mental Health is paramount and encourage Post Traumatic Stress Growth
o Transition & Sustainment - We're proud to offer unique transition & sustainment opportunities for our Military Members no matter when, where, or how long we served.
o Community Immersion - Connecting Service Members & their families to the community.

Values:To reestablish and uphold that sense of pride, that sense of fulfillment that comes with being a part of something so much greater than ourselves, just as we did when we served our country.
o Integrity
o United Belief
o Shared Humility & Respect
o Compassionate Empathy

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