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Saltwater Cottage

Saltwater Cottage

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About Us

Welcome to the Saltwater Family! We’re glad you’re here! At Saltwater, we have build our foundation on loving others through all the brokenness. We all have a story, a brokenness and we believe there is a beauty in that break. We want to love like Jesus. We will not always get it right, in fact, failure is where most of the learning comes into play, but we will always strive to be connectors. Whether that is through pretties for your home, gifts for a friend, food for a small group, we hope the items at Saltwater always spark a conversation. A conversation about something much deeper and meaningful.


Front entrance onlooking hwy 98 and the beautiful Sound.
Back entrance.
Great selection of gourmet food. The pickled beets are a must try!
Bags, journals, luggage tags and other leather products.
Dips and serving ware located in our “hospitality wing”
We offer an assortment of motivational decal stickers.
Tea towels might be one of our favorite ways to add inspiration to spaces!
Our signature Saltwater Cottage comfort colors tees come in many colors.
What we are obsessed with- all things Turkish! Including these waffle towels!
Because black is our favorite color contrary to popular opinion.

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